Help Me Find Gym Clothes?

OK, so I’m going to ask you for help today. As I mentioned, my latest lame excuse for not going to the gym is that I don’t have any workout gear. I actually went shopping a couple weeks ago in an effort to find some gym clothes I love–specifically pants, which I desperately need–and came up empty. I went to Target and Old Navy, which was probably my first mistake, and was dismayed to find that even the larges were either too small or just uncomfortable. I felt like I’d be too self conscious to work out in them. Here’s my gym pant wish list. Maybe you guys can help me out:

  • The pant goes down to my ankle–no capri length. I walk to the gym and it’s cold!
  • The pant’s rise should be at least waist high. This was a major issue with what I tried on when I shopped. Every pant seemed low-slung.
  • The fabric should be reasonably thick. I don’t want to worry about them being see-through.
  • The fit should be a little relaxed. Think yoga pant and not running tight.
  • The pants need to be available in a short/ankle/petit length.
  • I would love to find something with fun colors/patterns to brighten up these wintery days.

OK, tell me in the comments if you think you know where I should look or to share your favorite brands and styles.