The 48 Things I Made for Dinner in 2015

I’m too scared to weigh in right now. I really am. I have been really struggling with eating and drinking these past few weeks. I think a lot of it has to do with the kind of “family feelings” that tend to crop up around the holidays.

A weird thing happened to my appetite in the days leading up to and right after Thanksgiving–I could barely stomach many of the staple, healthy foods I usually love. All I wanted was toast and butter, pasta and cheese, pizza and cookies. And that’s what I ate. Continue reading →

(158.4) Meal Plan Monday


All those chicken parts are for stock.

Shredded Tofu and Shiitake Stir-Fry
In a recent podcast recording session (the episode will post this week), I talked about how my verve for weeknight cooking has returned lately. After a long stretch of focusing on “paleo-ish” meat-plus-vegetable meals, I have found myself inspired by vegetarian dinners. I am a former vegetarian and vegetarian recipes still tend to be my favorite. This is a really fun one. Tonight I’m making it for the second time. Continue reading →

(159.3) Meal Plan Monday

I got so much done over the weekend. So much work, and plenty of housework too, as I powered through the cleaning of several rooms chanting “outer order contributes to inner calm” repeatedly.

You know what else contributes to inner calm? A meal plan–for me at least. After several of weeks of not having one, thanks to first the Pope’s visit (which locked us out of our grocery store) and then my travel, I was excited to go shopping on Sunday. Continue reading →

(158.5) Weekend Recommendations

I thought it was never going to be Friday. But now it is. I’m so glad. I’m ready for a weekend of sleep, catching up on work, and cleaning up my house! But before I do that I wanted to share some current objects of my affection.

Masters of Sex

I have heard that the third season drops off in quality, but I’m only in the beginning of season two and I’m really enjoying it. Clearly this show takes a lot of inspiration from Mad Men and makes up for it lacks in character development and storytelling with tons of sex.  Continue reading →

(159.3) A Fresh Start


This delicious burger from Pullman in Iowa City was just one of the many unusual-for-me things I ate while away.

I started to write this blog entry without having weighed myself in six days. But as I began writing, making excuses for not weighing in, I realized I was being crazy and doing the very thing that I started this blog to prevent–putting my head in the sand about my weight.

The reason I started this blog was to keep myself accountable to myself. So I walked away from the computer and jumped on the scale. In the middle of the day! Right after lunch! So let’s all assume I “really” weigh at least one pound less than this, OK?  Continue reading →

(155.6) A Belated Blog Birthday

During the past couple weeks, on September 8 to be exact, What I Weigh Today (version 2.0) turned 1. I’ve written 173 posts as I’ve waded my way through body image meltdowns, stress eating, work drama, family high jinx, and international travel. I tried calorie counting, paleo eating, yoga, and the gym. I wrote a month long series dedicated to my food, health, and weight musings at one of my favorite web sites. Continue reading →

(156.3) Meal Plan Tuesday

I had a very quiet Labor Day weekend with no travel or plans of any kind. Mostly, I hunkered down in the air conditioning and worked my way through the weekend. I admit that these persistently hot days have me feeling a bit blue. Bring on the fall already. The summer has me in such a cooking rut, and I look forward to the cozy soups, stews, and slow braises of the cold weather months. Here’s my meal plan for the week. Tell me yours in the comments.  Continue reading →