(159.9) What If I’m Not Losing Weight?

When I started this blog back in September, I knew I wasn’t going to glide down the scale and into a pair of tiny jeans. From the minute I stepped back on the scale again, I promised myself I wasn’t going to adopt any behaviors that I couldn’t live with forever. So I knew my progress would be slow. And now, almost 6 months later, I’ve lost only six months. Not that I’m unhappy with that. If I could continue to lose one pound a month, I’d be thrilled. But part of me suspects that what I’m learning to do here is not to lose weight. Actually, I already know how to do that. I’m starting to think if what I’m learning is how to maintain a steady weight–I’ve always sucked at that.  Continue reading →

(160.4) Portobella Burgers with Crispy Prosciutto

PortobelloBurgerOvenFriesI can’t remember the last time a forecast has been so wrong. We were supposed to get 6 to 10 inches of snow and what we have here is more like 1 inch. I mean, I will definitely take it over last year’s constant snow or 2010 into 2011’s multiple blizzards. But still, a bit of letdown somehow. I like a snow day as much as the next person even if I always work from home anyway. Today I’m sharing my super simple recipe for portobella burgers. Continue reading →

(160.8) Meal Plan Monday

Happy last week of the first month of the new year. I think people are sticking to their resolutions–the grocery store has been crazy every Sunday of 2015 so far. There wasn’t a single spot in the parking garage. For the first time in my years shopping at Whole Foods, I had to park a couple blocks away.

My weekend was pretty laid-back. On Saturday Dan and I went out for Indian food and then visited a great cocktail bar we’d never tried before. (Emmanuelle, if you live in Philly or are planning to visit.) The good time was worth the many calories, for sure. This week’s meal plan has no stunners and lot of the usual suspects. I will try to get photos of my portobello burger and share the recipe with you later this week. Continue reading →

(160.2) Weekend Reads and Recs

One of my facebook friends posted this video from College Humor. It’s a funny and good reminder that we all have different bodies and there is only so much we can do to change them. One day this week I saw a woman on the street with very long, very thin legs. I noticed that she looked a lot more like a model than most people I see walking around Philadelphia, but I also noticed I didn’t feel a sharp pang of long leg envy. At least I’m over that! Continue reading →

(159.2) A Loss for a Words


Black bean soup with radish salad and quesadillas

This morning over coffee I said to Dan, I just don’t know what to blog about today. This has never been the case since I first posted back in September. Most times I have the following day’s blog all written up before I go to bed. I’m usually overflowing with topics and drafts. I think today’s block has to do with the fact that I wrote roughly 15,000 words for my series over The Kitchn this month. Obviously I’m super proud of it, but the process has temporarily wrung all the food, weight, and body image ideas out of my brain. It’s kind of strange thing for me. Plus, as I mentioned on Meal Plan Monday, most of my meals came out for the freezer this week, like this black bean soup. So I had no recipe to share. I’m posting a Weekend Reads tomorrow–check back in for that. And over the weekend, I’ll brainstorm a list of new topics to cover here at What I Weigh Today.

Tell me in the comments if there’s anything you’d like me to cover in a future post.  

(158.7) Progress Report

Time for the weekly progress report! Post holidays, it seems maybe I am back to making progress at last. I am really dropping the ball on taking photos for the blog. You guys know I’m not really into taking photos, it’s dark all the time, and I hate taking pictures of myself. But I’m going to make more of an effort.


Down 1.3 pounds from last week. Down 7.3 pounds from day one. Continue reading →

(158.5) Help Me Find Gym Clothes?

OK, so I’m going to ask you for help today. As I mentioned, my latest lame excuse for not going to the gym is that I don’t have any workout gear. I actually went shopping a couple weeks ago in an effort to find some gym clothes I love–specifically pants, which I desperately need–and came up empty. I went to Target and Old Navy, which was probably my first mistake, and was dismayed to find that even the larges were either too small or just uncomfortable. I felt like I’d be too self conscious to work out in them. Here’s my gym pant wish list. Maybe you guys can help me out: Continue reading →

(158.7) Intermittent Fasting: An Experiment

Back when I was still working at Prevention magazine and covering all the diets in the world, the so-called 5:2 diet rose to popularity in England. The gist of this diet is that you eat normally five days a week. The remaining two? You fast. Almost. Actually, on these days you are allowed a total of 500 calories–basically one meal. The science behind this plan hinged on something called intermittent fasting, and I wanted nothing to do with it, from an editor’s perspective or for myself. There’s no way I can deal with a 500 calorie day let alone two of those each week. Continue reading →

(158.7) Meal Plan Monday

We didn’t shop as usual yesterday. The weather was terrible–an icy rain fell all day and caused tons of traffic accidents around the region here. We decided to stay inside, craft a meal plan heavy on stuff from the freezer, and to place a grocery delivery order today.

Plus, I was still feeling down about our failed attempt to buy a new house. The house we wanted fell through. The sellers just would not be fair about the price. And I think my takeaway is this: no matter what a real estate agent tells you about a seller’s “flexibility on price” or “motivation to sell,” if the asking price for the house is detached from reality, the sellers will not suddenly hear the voice of reason just because you step on the scene. I won’t be bidding on an overpriced house ever again–it’s not worth the emotional and mental energy that making an offer on a house sucks up. I feel like I lost a week of my life over nothing.

OK, here’s the meal plan: Continue reading →