(165.1) Meal Plan Monday

I’ve had a realization about meal planning. As long as I’m picking up a mystery box of vegetables every Wednesday, I am going to need a different strategy. Last week, by Thursday, there was an overwhelming amount of stuff in the fridge. I bought plenty of produce on my regular Sunday shopping trip, and then I got a ton of stuff in my box. I had all these ingredients for dishes I wanted to make, but then I ended up making different stuff to use CSA vegetables up.

New plan: I have to buy very little produce at the supermarket on Sunday. And I need to stock the freezer with basic, versatile meats like chicken thighs and ground beef and pork. Because otherwise I am going to end up wasting food–the number one thing I hate to do in the kitchen. So I’m afraid my meal plans for the rest of the summer are going to be pretty boring, like this one:  Continue reading →

(164.4) Weekend Reads & Recs


“SwissChard” by Jonathunder – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Happy Friday. I’m pretty glad to be wrapping this week up–it’s been an exhausting one and I cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow morning. Even though I’m self-employed and could technically get up any time I want, I always wake up with Dan so we can have breakfast together and he has a “regular” job. So I look forward to those alarm-clock free Saturdays and Sundays just like everyone else. Here are some things I’ve been enjoying this week.   Continue reading →

(164.5) Random Thoughts and Updates

I hate to admit it, but my usual case of the summer blues has descended in full force. It happens every year. The long-lasting daylight interferes with my sleep, both the hot weather and being confined to the air conditioning make me miserable, the social media slideshow of everyone else’s summer fun makes me feel left out and weird, and I cannot keep the flies out of my row house. I always struggle emotionally this time of year, and it diminishes my creative spark–you know, the one that helps me come up with blog posts. So instead of skipping out on blogging again today, I thought I would round up some random thoughts and update you on some of my wellness projects. Continue reading →

(165.2) Meal Plan Monday


I had a very busy weekend! Saturday, I took my side project League Street Press on the road to Sea Isle City, NJ. My partner and friend Sam and I had a wonderful time hanging out near the ocean while selling our note cards. Most of our business is online, so we rarely get to meet our customers face to face. It was so much fun to see people react to the cards in person.

Yesterday was fathers’ day, which I all but forgot about. I ended up asking my dad if he would come over for dinner, which he did, and Dan and I made a very nice dinner: Chicken marsala with mashed root vegetables, salad, and lemon pound cake. In my efforts to remain Paleo-ish, I passed on the cake and sent leftovers home with my dad. I also packed food to take to the festival on Saturday so I would be less tempted by beachy eats like funnel cake and pizza. I’m definitely feeling better this Monday morning than I would have if I’d eaten those kind of things.  Continue reading →

(165.1) Cookbook Review: Nom Nom Paleo

NomNomA while back, I decided that I wanted to make health-themed cookbook reviews a part of my blog. I acquired a few new volumes and sat down eagerly with Post-It notes to mark all the recipes I wanted to try.  But for most of the books, there were barely any recipes I wanted to make. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m a confident home cook and professional recipe developer, but it was a rare recipe that made me want to make it instead of one of my own.

And even when I did find something that inspired me to buy the ingredients and make it, often either the recipe didn’t work or didn’t taste very good at all. The best of the lot was Cooking Light’s Mad Delicious. And, if you recall, I was only lukewarm on that one. (Though I do still frequently make those Sriracha lettuce wraps.) So I thought, forget it. Scratch cookbook reviews from the list of blog topics. Continue reading →

(164.8) Cardio Junkie

treadmills-lcd-displayMy sister called me over the weekend. She said, “I’m all caught up on your blog.” And I did not like her tone. I was a bit worried she was going to lecture me about my weight–she’s a world-class worry wart and I know she fears I’ll get type two diabetes or another weight-related disease and abandon her on this planet before my time–but most people who know me as well as she does know I don’t want to hear it, ever, at all.

So, instead of telling me that it’s important to lose weight when you are a single glazed doughnut away from the obesity portion of the BMI chart, she announced that I should return to regular cardio. Continue reading →

(165) Why I Never, Ever Compliment Weight Loss

At any given time, there are one or more women in my life who have lost or are losing weight. And whenever a woman loses weight, she floats on a cloud of hot air generated by the people around her gushing about how great she looks, how much weight she’s lost, how she’s doing it, etc.

Now, I have absolutely no doubt that such comments and questions come from a place of love, admiration, encouragement, and hope. They are coming from congratulators and well-wishers, supportive people who are doing their thing and trying to cheerlead. I have certainly done a lot of this myself–in the past. So believe me when I say that when I hear you tell someone she looks so great or ask how she is doing it, I don’t think you’re a bad person. Continue reading →

(165.4) Meal Plan Monday


Weekend Eats: Beet Lettuce Wrap

On Friday, I had a lot of meetings. Meetings during which I had to talk a lot and be creative and smart on the fly, to shepherd a project from offhanded suggestion to definite plan. I wore makeup and business-like clothes and maintained eye contact, a smile, and great posture for many hours. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing this. I am so excited about this potential project and proud of myself for even getting it to it’s current stage of nascent plan.

And yet, at the end of the day I did not feel like cooking the splattery dinner I had planned. I felt like reading quietly in my nice clothes until going out to dinner when Dan came home. So that’s what we did. And you know what? It was a pasta place I love. I had pasta, and even shared dessert with Dan. It wasn’t extravagant, but it wasn’t consistent with my lower-carb eating goals. I’ve said it a million times before though–I’m not going on some temporary diet. Going out to dinner is something that is going to keep happening in my life. And though I love the idea of a Paleo-ish lifestyle, let’s face it, I’m not going to swear off pasta completely. So I enjoyed dinner and got up the next morning and ate hardboiled eggs. The rest of the weekend, I was completely on track. (See those good looking lettuce wraps I made with some leftover steak?) Continue reading →

(166.1) Weekend Reads & Recs

I haven’t shared my new discoveries and current favorites here in a while and I’d like to get back in the habit. I think it’s probably more realistic to post this on Fridays instead of Saturdays going forward.

Bullet Journaling

This technique for keeping track of life and managing your ongoing task list came to my attention via my friend Kelly of Kelly Bakes. She blogged about how much it was helping her and wrote about it on facebook. As soon I as I watched the video above, I decided to give it a try. I immediately got a notebook and planned on starting June 1. There were some speed bumps–I bought a notebook that didn’t end up working. (Tip: You’ll need one with at least 31 lines.) But now I’m rolling along with it and like it a lot. My favorite part is that I’m using a medium size notebook. I used to keep a big notebook at my desk and carry a small one in my bag, which led to notes getting lost and general disorganization. Continue reading →